Art can be a learning ground for unfolding the events, recalling the ancient times and incorporating the present and the future in the actual presentation on graphics and textile. It brings the uniqueness that may for a long time be hard to fabricate since it is a talent. Art is the existing creativity the world has ever had bringing the imaginative ideas on the paper and giving the beautiful outcome that is imaginable. Art and design had been a forgotten industry but the Artistic expression has been uplifted in all dimensions and has seen a rampant increase in the textile sector.


There are various aspects of art and design on carpets and it depends with the level of creativity materials used and the intended market target. Usually carpet is designed to be used to bring more decoration on the floor and depending with the place whether home or office they need to be attractive.

carpet design


Various art and design on carpet

Cutting: art and design involves cutting and how best it is done shows the durability of the carpet. The edges should be cut factoring the wear and tear that may result during washing/cleaning.


The color decoration: this is one of the main build up of the carpet. The dyeing should be permanent to factor out color fading that may not deliver the intended purpose.


Material make: the make of the carpet is a determinant during the art and design. Heavy carpet could require more work while designing and doing the art compares to the light and small carpets.


Purpose: the art and design used on carpet is reliable with the end use. A decorative carpet may be designed matching with the furniture and the general appearance of the room. This helps in arranging and organizing the room and knowing the matching that accompanies the design of the carpet.


Pattern: this is what sells the carpet and being an artwork it requires to embrace a diverse market. While designing and doing the art one could think of the nature that is attractive, color and the general picture distribution. This is also dependent with the taste and preference of the customer


Doing the art and design on carpet requires the knowledge of interior designing as it happens that they work together. In places where it is cold, the design of the carpet is different from the hotter regions. The colder places will need warmer design to provide the room with sufficient warmth on the floor. Cleaning is another consideration in determining the art and design of a carpet. If it is placed, where the people traffic is high example a reception or any other public institution like a bank the design should be made considering the dust and dirt.


The carpet should be of a related color for easy cleaning. While doing the art and design on carpet the color selection is important. At times fake and fabricated carpet designs result to bleaching that spoil even the entire floor. The coloring should be permanent for easy cleaning and maintenance.


The more diverse the art and design is on carpet the more market it fetches because of the product satisfaction and selection.

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