Build a Vertical Garden for a Lovely and Useful Green Wall


No matter the size of your home, utilizing the wall space well is essential for a visually pleasing place that you and others can enjoy. In addition to gorgeous paintings, mirrors and works of art, you can use vertical gardens to create a unique and enjoyable green wall that doubles as a conversation piece.

What Should I Plant?

The first thing you need to decide is what types of plants you want to grow on your Greenwall Australia . Are you interested in growing edibles or are you strictly interested in the visual display? A simple wildflower display can be easy to put together and provide a colorful image all summer long.

On the other hand, you could plant herbs, spices, vegetables and berries in your vertical garden and have fresh, delicious and nutritious foods.

What Type of Planter Should I Use?

vertical-gardenThere are several different ways to create a vertical garden, and the choices you use will depend on multiple factors, including your budget, the room decor and the plants you intend to grow.

You can find plenty of ideas online, including recycling pallets, over-the-door shoe racks and more. No matter what you choose, make sure that it is well-constructed and supported. The last thing you need is for the weight to bring it down once your plants have begun to thrive.

How Do I Care for Pests?

Oftentimes, vertical gardens are built inside. This can bring a range of unwanted pests greenwallindoors. Reduce the risk by treating your plants with organic or otherwise safe pesticides. Also, pay attention to the areas near your planter. The nearby window that supplies light might also be a gateway for pests. Treat the plants outside of it with a high-quality pesticide as well to prevent them from hanging out near the window!

Where Should I Keep Gardening Supplies?

Many people think they cannot have a vertical garden because they don’t have a shed. However, you can still keep your gardening supplies neat and organized. Purchase a large, heavy duty plastic tote. Store all of your gardening supplies in it. Keep it tucked away in the pantry or another convenient location for use.

If you must leave it in view, consider finding an attractive table throw so folks don’t see the tote.

What Should I Do with the Harvest?

garden-wallIf you have opted to grow edibles, you might wonder what to do with the excess from your harvest. No matter how much you love fresh berries, garlic or whatever else you have chosen to grow, you might not be able to consume it before it turns.

One option is to give away fresh pickings to those who will appreciate them. Alternatively, you can learn proper techniques for freezing, canning and otherwise preserving your harvest. Consider mixing items for future use. As an example, instead of just canning tomatoes, you might opt to make and can batches of Italian-spiced tomato sauce.

A green wall is an excellent way to beautify your home. Whether you want plants that yield fresh, delicious foods or an attractive conversation piece, a well-designed vertical garden will suit your needs!