Carpets cleaned by professional carpet cleaning company

Here is a guest post by my friend Heman who owns a Carpet Cleaning Business .

Carpets quite simply are what we do, and we have been cleaning them professionally for years now. During that period our company and all of our staff have built up an unrivaled expertise in cleaning carpets. Over the years we have been in business that expertise has contributed to us having many satisfied customers whose carpets were considerably cleaner after we had cleaned them. Other carpet cleaning Wellington companies flatter to deceive when they promise to clean carpets to a flawless standard. Our company though only promises what can be delivered. We only promise spotless professionally cleaned carpets as we know that we can deliver that each and every time a job is taken on.


We know that our professional carpet cleaning jobs will always be just that because we set ourselves the most stringent standards for cleaning carpets. People that want to work for our company have to clean carpets to meet our standards and we ask them to clean a carpet as part of the recruitment process. If they cannot clean carpet to the required standard during their interview then we do not offer them the job in the first place. Once staff join our company we train them on all aspects of carpet cleaning, as there is more to it than just going over a carpet with a vacuum cleaner and then going home.

carpet cleaning

The key for us providing such a professional carpet cleaning service is that we are highly methodical in our approach to cleaning every carpet we are paid to clean. Whether we are cleaning a single small carpet is a single room flat or cleaning all the carpets in an office buildings we take the same approach. We use powerful industrial vacuum cleaners to remove the maximum amount of dirt from each and every carpet we are tasked with cleaning. If carpets are notably stained then we sprinkle stain remover powder on these carpets before using the vacuum. Sometimes we will use a carpet air freshener to make carpets smell better.


When using a vacuum has not got the carpets as clean as we like then we will use a carpet shampooer to remove even more dirt and any stains that had stubbornly refused to be moved previously. Carpet shampooers will remove virtually everything from a carpet. When we use these shampooers we leave the carpets to dry then double check how clean they are. It is rare yet sometimes the shampooer does not remove some stains.


Stains that have resisted the vacuum cleaner and the shampooer will succumb to the steam cleaners, which our carpet cleaning teams carry around with them. Steam cleaners are excellent for cleaning carpets to the point were they are spotless. The steam jets from these cleaners literally steam the dirt, dust and stains out of carpets. The carpets that we clean on a regular will not need a steam cleaning, yet we tend to use such cleaners the first time we clean carpets so our customers can see for themselves just how good our carpet cleaning service is.