Build a Vertical Garden for a Lovely and Useful Green Wall


No matter the size of your home, utilizing the wall space well is essential for a visually pleasing place that you and others can enjoy. In addition to gorgeous paintings, mirrors and works of art, you can use vertical gardens to create a unique and enjoyable green wall that doubles as a conversation piece.

What Should I Plant?

The first thing you need to decide is what types of plants you want to grow on your Greenwall Australia . Are you interested in growing edibles or are you strictly interested in the visual display? A simple wildflower display can be easy to put together and provide a colorful image all summer long.

On the other hand, you could plant herbs, spices, vegetables and berries in your vertical garden and have fresh, delicious and nutritious foods.

What Type of Planter Should I Use?

vertical-gardenThere are several different ways to create a vertical garden, and the choices you use will depend on multiple factors, including your budget, the room decor and the plants you intend to grow.

You can find plenty of ideas online, including recycling pallets, over-the-door shoe racks and more. No matter what you choose, make sure that it is well-constructed and supported. The last thing you need is for the weight to bring it down once your plants have begun to thrive.

How Do I Care for Pests?

Oftentimes, vertical gardens are built inside. This can bring a range of unwanted pests greenwallindoors. Reduce the risk by treating your plants with organic or otherwise safe pesticides. Also, pay attention to the areas near your planter. The nearby window that supplies light might also be a gateway for pests. Treat the plants outside of it with a high-quality pesticide as well to prevent them from hanging out near the window!

Where Should I Keep Gardening Supplies?

Many people think they cannot have a vertical garden because they don’t have a shed. However, you can still keep your gardening supplies neat and organized. Purchase a large, heavy duty plastic tote. Store all of your gardening supplies in it. Keep it tucked away in the pantry or another convenient location for use.

If you must leave it in view, consider finding an attractive table throw so folks don’t see the tote.

What Should I Do with the Harvest?

garden-wallIf you have opted to grow edibles, you might wonder what to do with the excess from your harvest. No matter how much you love fresh berries, garlic or whatever else you have chosen to grow, you might not be able to consume it before it turns.

One option is to give away fresh pickings to those who will appreciate them. Alternatively, you can learn proper techniques for freezing, canning and otherwise preserving your harvest. Consider mixing items for future use. As an example, instead of just canning tomatoes, you might opt to make and can batches of Italian-spiced tomato sauce.

A green wall is an excellent way to beautify your home. Whether you want plants that yield fresh, delicious foods or an attractive conversation piece, a well-designed vertical garden will suit your needs!

The Art of Choosing office Moving Company


Relocating is a very tough job especially if you are asking for help from neighbours and friends. Opting to hire a moving service company will ease you the burden of dealing with backaches and migraines later after relocation. This article focuses on homeowners who are thinking of moving into another house and require help from moving companies. It describes the various ways in which they can use to verify the right moving company for their property.

Get a recommendation: Being referred by a friend or family would be a good starting point for your search. Also, do an engine search on the internet on moving companies around your area of residence and go through the reviews. Make sure that you have a recommendation form so that you can be sure that the company that you are hiring is among the best companies that you can deal with when moving office.

Registration: Physical contact is more preferable to help you eliminate any chances of online scams. Pick a day and visit the various office removals Melbourne . The first thing you should enquire is whether or not the company is registered. If not, cross it off your list. Registration ensures that the company is liable in case damage of property.

Cost: Enquire on the transport cost. It is usually calculated based on weight of property. Taking different quotes will help you assess which charges are average and which are hiked.


Insurance: Moving companies ought to offer insurance coverage on their clients’ property. Do not accept a company that does not offer that contract because you will have to be liable for your property in case of an accident.Also something else about insurance cover is that , you will be sure that in case of anything during the process of moving, the people doing that job are covered and no cost will be incurred by you.

Professionalism: Make a random assessment whether the moving company can be trusted with your property or not. Are the staff members wearing uniforms for identification? Is the customer service welcoming or is everyone is such a bad mood? Trust your instincts and make a choice that will make you feel most comfortable.

Piling boxes: Inquire whether or not the moving companies provide package boxes. If yes, it would save you a lot of money to purchase these boxes. Pilling boxes will help you in that the people moving your office will not have problems as well as there will be no document loss during the process.

Payment options: Refrain from companies who insist on hand-in-hand cash payments. Reputable and well established companies accept credit card and bank deposits methods of payment.

Delay policy: Inquire on the company’s delay policy. This is a system that allows the moving company to impose additional charges on clients who delay the process of moving. Being unaware may lead to high additional fees that might have been avoided. Knowing also reduces the chances of being scammed by potential scam moving companies.




Art & Computer

Computers are an incredible invention and are required on a day to day basis. They are also useful for those that want to be creative and can be used to create art with on programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Many designers use computers on a regular basis and a wide range of media outlets use computers as a way in which to generate graphical content quickly and effectively. If you want to gain access to artist software then you will be able to do so simply by searching the web.


PC repairs are available in most areas and you will therefore be able to get your computer fixed quickly and effectively if you need to continue working on a project. Pc repair Johns Creek are now faster and more effective than ever and many individuals use PC specialists on a regular basis, so as to get their computers fixed.

art computer

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Carpets cleaned by professional carpet cleaning company

Here is a guest post by my friend Heman who owns a Carpet Cleaning Business .

Carpets quite simply are what we do, and we have been cleaning them professionally for years now. During that period our company and all of our staff have built up an unrivaled expertise in cleaning carpets. Over the years we have been in business that expertise has contributed to us having many satisfied customers whose carpets were considerably cleaner after we had cleaned them. Other carpet cleaning Wellington companies flatter to deceive when they promise to clean carpets to a flawless standard. Our company though only promises what can be delivered. We only promise spotless professionally cleaned carpets as we know that we can deliver that each and every time a job is taken on.


We know that our professional carpet cleaning jobs will always be just that because we set ourselves the most stringent standards for cleaning carpets. People that want to work for our company have to clean carpets to meet our standards and we ask them to clean a carpet as part of the recruitment process. If they cannot clean carpet to the required standard during their interview then we do not offer them the job in the first place. Once staff join our company we train them on all aspects of carpet cleaning, as there is more to it than just going over a carpet with a vacuum cleaner and then going home.

carpet cleaning

The key for us providing such a professional carpet cleaning service is that we are highly methodical in our approach to cleaning every carpet we are paid to clean. Whether we are cleaning a single small carpet is a single room flat or cleaning all the carpets in an office buildings we take the same approach. We use powerful industrial vacuum cleaners to remove the maximum amount of dirt from each and every carpet we are tasked with cleaning. If carpets are notably stained then we sprinkle stain remover powder on these carpets before using the vacuum. Sometimes we will use a carpet air freshener to make carpets smell better.


When using a vacuum has not got the carpets as clean as we like then we will use a carpet shampooer to remove even more dirt and any stains that had stubbornly refused to be moved previously. Carpet shampooers will remove virtually everything from a carpet. When we use these shampooers we leave the carpets to dry then double check how clean they are. It is rare yet sometimes the shampooer does not remove some stains. Read more Carpets cleaned by professional carpet cleaning company



 Art can be a learning ground for unfolding the events, recalling the ancient times and incorporating the present and the future in the actual presentation on graphics and textile. It brings the uniqueness that may for a long time be hard to fabricate since it is a talent. Art is the existing creativity the world has ever had bringing the imaginative ideas on the paper and giving the beautiful outcome that is imaginable. Art and design had been a forgotten industry but the Artistic expression has been uplifted in all dimensions and has seen a rampant increase in the textile sector.


There are various aspects of art and design on carpets and it depends with the level of creativity materials used and the intended market target. Usually carpet is designed to be used to bring more decoration on the floor and depending with the place whether home or office they need to be attractive.

carpet design


Various art and design on carpet

Cutting: art and design involves cutting and how best it is done shows the durability of the carpet. The edges should be cut factoring the wear and tear that may result during washing/cleaning.


The color decoration: this is one of the main build up of the carpet. The dyeing should be permanent to factor out color fading that may not deliver the intended purpose.


Material make: the make of the carpet is a determinant during the art and design. Heavy carpet could require more work while designing and doing the art compares to the light and small carpets.


Purpose: the art and design used on carpet is reliable with the end use. A decorative carpet may be designed matching with the furniture and the general appearance of the room. This helps in arranging and organizing the room and knowing the matching that accompanies the design of the carpet.


Pattern: this is what sells the carpet and being an artwork it requires to embrace a diverse market. While designing and doing the art one could think of the nature that is attractive, color and the general picture distribution. This is also dependent with the taste and preference of the customer


Doing the art and design on carpet requires the knowledge of interior designing as it happens that they work together. In places where it is cold, the design of the carpet is different from the hotter regions. The colder places will need warmer design to provide the room with sufficient warmth on the floor. Cleaning is another consideration in determining the art and design of a carpet. If it is placed, where the people traffic is high example a reception or any other public institution like a bank the design should be made considering the dust and dirt.


The carpet should be of a related color for easy cleaning. While doing the art and design on carpet the color selection is important. At times fake and fabricated carpet designs result to bleaching that spoil even the entire floor. The coloring should be permanent for easy cleaning and maintenance.


The more diverse the art and design is on carpet the more market it fetches because of the product satisfaction and selection.

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